YOKOHAMA EM/OTR – tires of the highest level for demanding conditions and specific use


YOKOHAMA RUBBER Co., Ltd.’s strategic initiative and medium-term management plan called YOKOHAMA TRANSFORMATION 2023 (YX2023) has entered the next phase. In the Czech Republic, the acquisition of TWS (newly designated YOKOHAMA TWS) has been successfully completed as part of the expansion of global development in the off-road tire sector. The premium segment is represented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia by YOKOHAMA – OTR CZECH, a member of the global YOKOHAMA – OHT group.

YOKOHAMA – OTR CZECH provides a comprehensive range of premium YOKOHAMA products in the EM/OTR segment meeting the highest standards of performance, quality and safety to end users and operators of construction machinery who know the YOKOHAMA brand from the OE equipment of all renowned manufacturers of construction and industrial wheeled equipment. The comprehensive range also includes EM/OTR tires for extremely difficult operating conditions, primarily where the clear appreciation of the premium product in this segment is undeniable and unambiguous.

YOKOHAMA brand support and YOKOHAMA – OTR CZECH sales service includes a network of dealers and authorized service points in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where expert advice for all users of YOKOHAMA EM/OTR tires is a matter of course. Compliance with YOKOHAMA’s service standards for the installation and care of YOKOHAMA EM/OTR tires is an important parameter that rewards end users for their investment in quality tires. The quality and performance of YOKOHAMA’s premium EM/OTR tires is a reflection of the emphasis on research and continuous development process, where the parent company YOKOHAMA RUBBER Co., Ltd. is synonymous with continuous investment in this area, enabling it to create EM/OTR tires with advanced technologies and innovative materials to increase the utility value of products while reducing environmental impact.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, YOKOHAMA is gaining increasing popularity among users looking for high-performance EM/OTR tires for construction, mining and industrial machinery. The brand history and related services of YOKOHAMA – OTR CZECH confirm YOKOHAMA’s leading position on the market as a reliable and innovative partner for all EM/OTR tire users.

Source: Martin Řehoř Phd., Vladimír Grim | YOKOHAMA – OTR CZECH

Published: Pneurevue 2023/2